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thank god i bought some stuff to stim with today bc i managed to avoid a meltdown even though i started slipping in it a bit

it was just kind of a constant stream of “im uncomfortable im uncomfortable im uncomfortable im uncomfortable” and every little thing made me feel like i was imploding and then i started like vibrating and i managed to get my stim toys before i started to get worse so ya

thats good


IM HERE, IM QUEER, AND IM full of existential fear



White privilege is being able to shoot up a movie theater and leave alive in the back of a cop car. It’s driving around in the BMW daddy bought you killing because you felt you were entitled to women’s bodies & afterwards the media painting you as not a criminal but rather a poor sad situation of a person suffering from mental health issues.

But if you are a PoC you’re one trip to the corner store and a warning shot to the back of the head away from being a hash tag on tumblr.

im always like “geez im so tired i gotta go to bed” n then i scroll through my dash and all the cat blogs i follow start posting at that time for some reason?? and i m like fuc ki wel l igeuss i cant go  to bed nwo


*hopes i look gay enough that girls will hit on me*



uh? talk to me?


Ben Wyatt: Human Disaster


how do i even begin to express my love for this cutie

Anonymous SENT: Finnish food is very simple and basic so unless you are the kind to want your food heavily seasoned you should be fine.

ahh thank you very much, i only typically eat from the grains and dairy sections because of my ed so im hoping i wont have problems with that (i probably will have some, i always do, but hopefully not enough to influence my life there)

wtf adblock started blocking all videos and audio so i had to turn it off and now there are 395u5493249 ads everywhere what the hell



Forget the Myers-Briggs fucking personality assessment. I am dead tired of hearing if someone is an INFP or an ESLQ or whatever. I want to know if someone is melancholic or choleric. Bring back the four humors. I wanna see “Kaley, 16, phlegmatic” when I go to someone’s blog. Who is with me. Lets make this happen

here's a test i found. go wild, y'all. (im choleric.)